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Video Copy Request Form

  1. $20 per .mp4 video on USB format. Please review duplication policy below. Please allow 3-5 days for completion. All City Council meetings and Work Sessions are archived on and can be viewed for free anytime.
  2. Production Information
  3. You will be charged per copy.
  4. Please indicate the title of the production or type of production. (ex. City Council meeting, documentary on drugs, or "Anti-Bully PSA")
  5. If a public meeting, such as a Council Meeting, please indicate the date of the meeting.
  6. Requestor's Information
  7. Policy and Guidelines for CLC-TV (Section J:1 CLC-TV Programming Duplication)

    CLC-TV produced programing is considered public record. The fee for City of Las Cruces public record requests is $20 per production. All videos will be only be put on a USB or emailed via a downable file. Request online at Copies of meetings will be of the entire meeting. Meetings will not be edited. Any content reused by an outside organization must be credited to the City of Las Cruces Communications Office - CLC-TV. *All archive Council meetings are available for viewing online at for free. All other programs are available for viewing on for free.

  8. Exempt from Payment

    Exempt from Payment. Must Explain.

    • City staff or Council using media for official City Business.

    • Citizen or group participating in Council Meeting “Opening Ceremonies” will receive one complimentary copy.

    • A person who provides designated assistance, or who is designated as a principal performer in a CLC-TV produced program will receive one complimentary copy. Does not include person merely appearing and/or speaking at a televised meeting, work session or forum.

    • The City’s Communications Office will consider requests from outside government / educational agencies for exemption on a case-by-case basis.

  9. Based on the Policy above*
  10. Provide any additional information you feel we should know. Also if you feel you are exempt from payment based on the policy & guidelines below please indicate here.
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