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Las Cruces Fire Department Special Event Request Form

  1. Special Event Request Form
  2. Contact Name
    Please enter the name of the person from your organization who should be contacted with any changes to the event.
  3. Please enter the title of your Event
  4. Sessions for STATION TOURS have a maximum of 20 Individuals. If your Special Event will have more than 20 Children and Parents, more Sessions will be planned out on the same day.

  5. Ages of Children
  6. Requested Date and Time of Event
    Due to the continuing education and training that is required of the Fire Department Personnel, IF you are requesting a Fire Engine, Dates and Times are limited to Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. We will do our best to work with your schedules. We will contact you with a confirmation of a workable Date and Time Request. Please enter three different options for your request.
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  8. Please upload any flyers or brochures or maps that are related to your request.
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