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Station 7

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Fire Station 7 was built in 2013. Station 7 serves the ever growing West Mesa Industrial Park and the Las Cruces International Airport.

Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Program

The station operates the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting program. Firefighters from Fire Station Number 7 have received specialized training in aircraft rescue firefighting. This training is mandated by Federal Administration Regulation 139, Subsection D, Section 139319, and enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration.


This team responds for airport standbys, air shows airport emergencies. With this team in place, the city of Las Cruces has the ability to bring in large aircraft (over 30 seats) into the Las Cruces International Airport on a provisional basis. This generates revenues for the city of Las Cruces through:
  • Aviation Fuel
  • Landing Fees
  • Motels
  • Rental Vehicles
  • Restaurants
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