How does the Seed Library work?
  • TBML card holders can check out 10 packets of seed per season.
  • You can make seed packet selections from our Spring 2022 menu (available at the library reference desk or online on our website). Simply circle your selections and write your library card # in the space provided.
  • Give your completed menu to one of our staff members.
  • We will prepare your order and give the seeds to you.
  • There are no due dates and seeds will automatically be checked in from your card.

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1. How does the Seed Library work?
2. How can I find out more information about the seeds I picked up?
3. When can I get seeds?
4. Why are my seed packets so small?
5. Why don’t you have tomatoes (or kale, or whatever you are looking for) right now?
6. Do you take seed donations?
7. How do I learn to save seeds?
8. Why is the Seed Library named Tierra Sagrada?