Why was my trash container not emptied?

Residential Containers

There are several reasons why your container may not have been serviced.

  • Containers that have lids that are not properly closed because they are overfilled.
  • Containers that are blocked or too close to vehicles.
  • Container is tied with bungee cords.
  • Containers that are placed at the curb with wheels facing the street or placed under power lines will not be serviced.
  • Do not place items around the container such as:
    • Auto parts
    • Concrete
    • Dirt
    • Furniture
    • Large appliances and boxes
    • Livestock waste
    • Rocks
    • Sod
  • Items that should not be placed near the trash container include:
    • Any form of hazardous waste
    • Construction, remodeling, demolition material
    • Gas
    • Hot ashes
    • Oil
    • Paint
    • Tree trimmings that exceed two feet
  • There are instances when construction or road work will obstruct our trucks from servicing your container. In these cases, please contact Customer Central at (575) 541-2111 and we will reschedule your pick up for another day.
  • Unforeseen vehicle breakdowns may also cause delays in service but our staff will work diligently to ensure that your container is serviced in a timely manner.

For additional information regarding your Solid Waste service visit Residential Services.

Commercial Containers

  • Dumpsters that are blocked or do not have access for Solid Waste vehicles will not be serviced.
  • Dumpsters that are overfilled or have trash placed in front obstructing access will not be serviced.
  • Dumpsters that have visible hazardous waste will not be serviced.

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