What do I need to know about having a garage/yard sale?

Yard/garage sale signs are one of the City's biggest problems when hosting such an event. These signs cannot be posted on City Property (medians, sidewalks, light posts, and stop signs are the most popular violations). 

Private Property

Private property (your residence, a neighbor on the corner) is the only allowed places for a sign. Off-premises signs may be used to advertise any garage sale, private sale or event, provided that the signs are not over three square feet in sign area and are used only during the duration of the event. The person erecting the sign and the property owner at the sign location shall be responsible for sign removal and all other requirements concerning signs. Please remember to remove the sign after your successful event. Also, on a side note, please take into consideration of your neighbors due to parking issues and additional activity in your neighborhood.

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2. What do I need to know about having a garage/yard sale?
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