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Oct 19

Scan, Listen, Win!

Posted on October 19, 2022 at 11:12 AM by Ceci Vasconcellos

I don’t do scavenger hunts, I am not good at them, they cause me anxiety. When the City Art Board suggested a scavenger hunt to promote the “Discover Las Cruces Public Art” audio stories pilot program, I was skeptical but soon realized it was the perfect activity for this purpose. 

The “Discover Las Cruces Public Art” scavenger hunt kicked off at the beginning of October and will close at the end of the month. The idea behind the audio stories program is to enhance the experience of visiting our public art with interesting facts or anecdotal tidbits about the piece in the form of interpretive audio stories, which are accessible by scanning a QR code. The hunt is easy, and I promise you will have fun doing it! 

Public art sign with a scan image in front of a tree

The best part – if you don’t want to go hunting, you can still scan at least one code at any of the locations and learn more about that piece of public art. For example: Do you know which public art piece was designed to be a cooling station? It may take a visit to a few locations to find the answer, but you will find it. 

 And since you’ve already started, you might as well visit all nine locations. And since you’ve gone to all nine, you might as well submit your answers. And if you answer all the clues correctly, which you will, you can be a weekly winner. As one of our weekly winners, you will receive a prize and be entered to win the grand prize drawing at the end of October. Or again, you can scan just one code and still have an enhanced experience seeing public art. It’s perfect, right? I like this scavenger hunt.  

Click on this link to see a map to all nine locations. 

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