Art Stop Public Art Exhibit

Six art pieces are located at bus shelters throughout Las Cruces

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Featured Artists

D. Carranza

Title: "Never Stop Growing (Nunca Pares De Crecer)"

Artist: Daniel Alejandro Carranza

Bus Shelter Location: Corner of Walnut St. and Lohman Ave.

Medium: Adobe Illustrator 

Artist Statement: For this particular I piece I started with sketching/design and I came up with my current piece for submission that showcases art's role in someone's life and in a community. Art has the capacity to not only be a career path like it was for me, but to grow as an individual and through this growth, the whole community is enriched. My hope is that seeing these designs and art pieces inspires local Las Cruces citizens to pick up pencils, cameras, or whatever and make art, no matter their background.

B. Chavez

Title: "La Calavera"

Artist: Beatrice Chavez

Bus Shelter Location: Lohman Ave. (near Mountainview Hospital)

Medium: Digital Art

Artist Statement: I am an artist residing in Anthony, New Mexico. My main two mediums are painting in acrylic and digital art. I created the piece "La Calavera" last year to celebrate Dia de los Muertos in my own way as a Chicana artist.

B. Kearns

Title: "Contemplation"

Artist: Brigitte Kearns

Bus Shelter Location: University Ave. and Jordan Rd. (Across from bookstore)

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Artist Statement: The inspiration behind the piece was about exploring shadow in acrylic. This stylized portrait gives the impression of being abstract with its vivid dark blue curvaceous forms that at times intermingle with the swaths of yellow. The colorful curves of the face are contrasted with the harshness of the black and white lines that make up the hair and left earring. This piece was created as a way to celebrate vibrancy, shape, line, and color.

A. Romero

Title: "Crossing Boundaries Wolf"

Artist: Virginia Maria Romero

Bus Shelter Location: Water St. and Griggs Ave. (by former EPEC parking lot)

Medium: Digital file

Artist Statement: Without specific intent my work begins... a subconscious evolution to render form. The effort at once seamless and fluid, a commingling of pigment, touch, and spirit, moves towards shape and purpose. The now recognizable images translate as symbols of new life steeped in mystery from which they were born. In their eyes is a voice that speaks of secrets. If you look and listen closely you will hear them too. ~Virginia Maria Romero

C. Scott

Title: "The Locals"

Artist: Chanel Scott

Bus Shelter Location: Del Rey Blvd. and Mars Ave. (near VA clinic)

Medium: Digital Art - Photoshop

Artist Statement: Animal artist with a love for wildlife, especially birds. I love to use the power of art to promote the interest of wildlife in people. If I can ignite that passion in just one person with my art, I would be forever happy.

C. Thomassen

Title: "Desert Song"

Artist: Cate Thomassen

Bus Shelter Location: Valley Dr. and Hadley Ave. (near Save Mart grocery)

Medium: Glass mosaic on hand built substrate

Artist Statement: Inspiration for my mosaics is drawn from the unrefined beauty of the natural environment. I am captivated by its complexity of form, texture, colour, light, and the impression it gives of perfect simplicity.