Mesilla Valley Community of Hope

Front entrance of the Mesilla Valley Community of Hope building

Project Summary

The Housing Risk Mitigation Fund will support Mesilla Valley Community of Hope's (MVCH) efforts as a homeless assistance provider to recruit and retain landlords to work with and house clients presenting potential challenges to remaining housed due to complicated rental histories, Fair Market Rent barriers, or other housing and voucher rental concerns. This is a pilot project further expand the use of housing risk mitigation funds.


  1. Recruit and retain landlords to affordably house underserved populations (e.g., people who were formerly homeless or transitions from homelessness).
  2. Keep apartments occupied, stimulating the economy.
  3. Increase the well-being and housing stability of people experiencing homelessness.


Each year MVCH will bring in 3 new landlords. 25 people in the first year will exit to permanent housing.


  1. 10 landlords added as affordable housing partners due to incentives.
  2. Assisted and housed 100 individuals experiencing homelessness or transition from homelessness.
  3. 75 exited permanent housing through this program/fund.

Rationale for Project

During the pandemic, many people lost access to safe and affordable housing due to the loss of income related to COVID-19. During that time, MVCH saw a significant reduction in units that met Fair Market Rent, which added a barrier to rapidly housing people. MVCH housed over 1,050 people, helping to reduce of COVID and keep people quarantined. Its staff saw increased client mental health issues due to the closures of many supportive services during the pandemic, which had previously helped increase their housing stability. Using Housing Risk Mitigation Funds, MVCH will improve landlord/tenant relationships, keep people housed, and increase the housing stock available for people transitioning from homelessness.