Retail LEDA

The City of Las Cruces is committed to fostering local economic growth and enhancing the vibrancy of our community. We are excited to introduce the Retail LEDA Program, an initiative designed to attract and support retail businesses that will contribute to the expansion of our local economy.

What is LEDA? LEDA stands for Local Economic Development Act, a powerful tool that enables us to create opportunities for economic development within our city. Under this act, we can leverage both public and private investments to promote sustainable growth and prosperity.

With the Retail LEDA Program, we invite businesses to be a part of this transformative journey. To participate, businesses are required to make a capital investment of at least $251,000, demonstrating their commitment to our community's economic advancement.

For more information, please contact The City's Economic Development Department at 575-541-2150 or [email protected]. Department staff will be available to answer any questions and provide further assistance to interested applicants.