Trail and Park Wayfinding System Plan

Project Information

The City of Las Cruces Trail and Park Wayfinding System Plan project aims to increase equitable access to the City's parks and trail system through a comprehensive, culturally appropriate, accessible, and functional wayfinding and signage system framework.

Upcoming Events

Scavenger Hunt - Find ZiggyZiggy looking back and smiliing

Ziggy the turtle is hidden at six different locations in either a park or a trail (near the pop-up locations). Find Ziggy and take a picture of you and Ziggy and either post it to social media and tagging it with the #lascruceswayfinding or email it to [email protected]. For the scavenger hunt, one photo will be selected as the winner! Hint: Ziggy is hiding at and around the pop-up kiosk locations. 

Photo Contest

Thank you to all participants for sending us your submissions for the #lascruceswayfinding photo contest! The top four winners have been selected as well as three honorable mentions. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Check back on this website for your chance to participate in future activities. 

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Now it is your turn! We want to gather public feedback on wayfinding within the City of Las Cruces trails and parks system. The following survey will ask how you currently use the parks and trail system and what barriers and challenges you currently experience.  

Take the survey here.

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