Site Plan or Route Map Information

The Site Plan is a detailed map and “floor plan” of your event. The Route Map details the entire parade or procession route. To ensure a quick and thorough review of your Facility Use Application, please include the following applicable details on the Site Plan or Route Map and submit it with your application. A base map will be provided by staff. Applications submitted without a site or route plan or with an incomplete plan may result in the application being denied.

Site Plans or Route Maps shall include the following:

  • The location and boundaries of the planned event, including proposed fencing, location of all entrances and exits, emergency exits, and security guard and fire extinguisher locations
  • All stage, table, and canopy locations, include dimensions
  • All signage for the event, both internal and external to the event site boundaries
  • All proposed porta-potty locations, including ADA-accessible porta-potties and hand-washing stations
  • All proposed trash dumpster locations, including size and placement
  • A Traffic Control Plan (TCP) is required for a street closure. (Select TCPs are provided by staff.)
  • A Route Map and Traffic Control Plan are required for parades or processions
  • Click here to download a map of the plaza to be used for event site plan

For questions or more information about hosting events in downtown Las Cruces, contact us at 575-541-2150 or, [email protected].