Mobile Integrated Health

The purpose of the Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program is to assist and navigate citizens to health and human resources to solve their healthcare problems. We do this by sending paramedics and social workers out into the field to visit with people who call 911 frequently due to lack of other options to receive care. It may be an elderly or disabled person who is unable to get out of bed or someone who has a problem with substance abuse or behavioral health. Our specialized team identifies the barriers in the patient’s healthcare and directs the patient to the resources that already exist in Las Cruces to improve their quality of life, prevent unnecessary 911 usage, and reduce recurring visitation to the local hospitals. We believe that the healthcare community functions better as a whole through communication and collaboration with all entities involved.

Our current focus is on senior citizens and the disabled who fall regularly and utilize the 911 system for assistance.  The Las Cruces Fire Department has a high number of emergency responses for elderly fall victims and lift assists. This impacts the community, the emergency response system, the hospitals, and the insurance companies. We believe our program can reduce the impact for everyone. Some of these citizens use 911 as their only access to the healthcare system. This places us in a unique position to recognize, correct, and prevent poor health outcomes.

We utilize highly trained Firefighter/Paramedics and Social Workers who excel in customer service and communication. They understand the healthcare system and the challenges surrounding, independence, mobility, substance abuse and behavioral healthcare. By providing this targeted assistance to members of our community we have assisted in improving their quality of life through direct interaction and resource management by finding the correct service, medical and non-medical, to meet their specific needs.

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