Amador Hotel

About the Amador

The Amador Hotel has stood on the corner of Amador and Water Streets in Las Cruces since the 1870s, serving the community in many different ways, including courthouse, post office, bank, hotel and county office center. In 1883, the owner, Martín Amador, transformed the building into the Courthouse and post office for Doña Ana County. The newspaper, Rio Grande Republican, reported on March 24, 1883 that “the court room looks really elegant, and the rooms adjacent are both suitable and convenient. The iron cages are in place, and will soon hold their occupants tight and fast.” Some of the rooms were used as jail cells. Once the construction of the permanent Courthouse was completed in 1885, Don Martín added a second story and Amador Hall became a community center where people met and traded stories. 

Amador Hotel Foundation

The mission of the Amador Hotel Foundation is to collaboratively preserve and restore the Amador Hotel and to maintain its historic vibrancy. To that end, they seek to:

  • Establish the Amador as the gateway to a revitalized downtown Las Cruces.
  • Restore the Hotel to its territorial glory as a prominent and active cultural icon.
  • Preserve the heritage of this unique landmark begun by the Amador family in 1870.
  • Create a vibrant social hub where the community gathers and lives intersect.