Neighborhood Traffic Calming

What is the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program?

The City of Las Cruces has implemented a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program (NTCP) to address neighborhood concerns. Traffic calming is an attempt to slow or reduce traffic on residential streets whether the speeding is caused by residents or cut-through traffic. The program involves a joint effort between the residents and the city in an effort to improve traffic safety in their neighborhoods. The most common concerns expressed to the city is about speeding traffic in residential neighborhoods.

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How does the NTCP work?

As a resident...get involved. Know what is offered to you and your neighbors.

• Yard Sign – given FREE of charge to any resident.
• Radar Dolly – is a speed advisory unit that is available for any resident to sign out for up to three business days.
• Las Cruces Police Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET) – working hand and hand to ensure the safety of our neighborhood streets by monitoring and enforcing traffic safety throughout Las Cruces.

Request Traffic Calming

Petitions for the NTCP are always being accepted. Contact our main office at 575-541-2505 to discuss the petition process and the NTCP qualifications. As funding may be limited, petitions are considered on a first come first served basis.

Radar dolly