Talavera Natural Gas Service Expansion

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Las Cruces Utilities is currently expanding our availability of gas service to the Talavera subdivision.

Talavera Gas Service Project: August 6, 2019

*Costs based on Engineers Estimate. ** Cost for customer side services are estimated, contact a plumber for true estimate. 20-year finance estimated to be $24.00/month.
Low Pressure Gas Mains and Appurtenances $4,380,130.00
Contingency, 10% $438,013.00
NMGRT, 6.75% $325,224.65
Owner acquired materials $76,154.66
Total = $5,219,522.31
Number of Parcels in Project Area = 960
Per lot cost sharing = $5,437.00
Per lot cost sharing w/ $1,400 credit if qualified per Gas Main Extension Policy = $4,037.00
120 monthly payments = $(40.45)
Applicable New Connection Charges
(these cannot be financed)
Other Costs Customer Side:**  
New Connect  
Yard Piping (Estimated Cost) $8.00/ft
Gas Fixture Conversion (Estimated Cost) $300.00