About Us

Strategic Business Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of the Las Cruces Utilities Department is to provide natural gas, water, wastewater, and solid waste services to ratepayers, so that they can enjoy a safe, healthy, productive, and sustainable environment.


 Las Cruces Utilities (LCU) operates as a non-profit organization governed by the Utilities Board of Commissioners that established strategic policy. LCU is solely funded by rates and charges authorized by the Board, providing utility services to approximately 100,000 residents and businesses within its service territory.

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Purpose Statement

The LCU Director’s responsibility is to provide leadership to the Las Cruces Utilities Department and policy implementation services for Associates, the Utilities Board, City Manager's Office, and City Council so they can better understand the utilities services offered, expand utilities services, make well-informed decisions, and support the growth of the local economy.

Lines Of Business & Programs

  • Office of the Director
    • Program: Administration
  • Natural Gas Operations & Maintenance
    • Program: Natural Gas Administration
    • Program: Natural Gas Construction and Maintenance
    • Program: Natural Gas Pressure and Service
    • Program: Natural Gas Corrosion
    • Program: Natural Gas Locating and Mapping
  • Water Operations & Maintenance
    • Program: Water Administration
    • Program: Water Line Maintenance
    • Program: Water Production
    • Program: Water Meters Valves Hydrants
  • Wastewater Operations & Maintenance
    • Program: Wastewater Administration
    • Program: Wastewater Line Maintenance
    • Program: Jacob Hands Wastewater Treatment Facility
    • Program: East Mesa Wastewater Reclamation Facility
    • Program: West Mesa Industrial Park Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Solid Waste Collections
    • Program: Solid Waste Administration
    • Program: Solid Waste Residential Collections
    • Program: Solid Waste Commercial Collections
    • Program: Solid Waste Fleet
  • Utilities Environmental
    • Program: Water Conservation
    • Program: Solid Waste Green Waste, Compost, and Recycling
    • Program: Griggs Walnut
  • Customer Engagement
    • Program: Customer Outreach
    • Program: Customer Central
    • Program: Utility Billing and Receivables
    • Program: New Connections
    • Program: Metering Infrastructure
    • Program: Utilities Dispatch
    • Program: Field Services
  • Revenue and Financial Reporting
    • Program: Rate and Economic Analysis
    • Program: Utilities Warehouse
    • Program: Utilities Building Administration
    • Program: Utilities Business Services Administration
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Program: Utilities Regulatory Compliance
    • Program: Water Quality Laboratory
    • Program: Industrial Pollution Prevention
    • Program: Foothills Landfill Closure Post-Closure
  • Utilities Support & Project Management
    • Program: Technical Support
    • Program: SCADA