Public Art

Below: Endless Passage by Debbie Dickinson. The art sculpture is located in the lobby of City Hall and is part of the Las Cruces Public Art collection. This video shares insightful interviews with the artist, others involved and time-lapse of its creation. Stop by to see this amazing artwork in person.

Discover Las Cruces Public Art Scavenger Hunt

The public art scavenger hunt has ended. Thank you to all who participated. The signs will remain in place so the public can continue to listen to the audio stories by scanning the QR codes.  

The weekly prize winners are listed below. The grand prize winner is Morgan Tierney. (If you have not claimed your weekly prize, please contact LC Public Art.)

  • James Lincoln HolmesScavenger Hunt Winner
  • Gideon Cormer
  • The Waltermire Family
  • Carrie Aiken
  • Christopher Aiken
  • Morgan Tierney
  • Jack Duggins
  • Sally Ann Brown
  • Lois Hurdle                                                     

Pictured L to R: CAB members Melanie Brown, Tina Ballew, Greg Smith, Katrina Chandler and Chantelle Yazzie-Martin. Front: Winner Morgan Tierney and Beth Tierney.

Preview of Public Art Collection

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Go to the Interactive Public Art Tour to see more.

Public Art Projects In Progress

Visit Las Cruces 

Visit Las Cruces is excited to announce an open call for artists and artist groups to submit proposals for the design and installation of a permanent exterior mural for the Las Cruces Visitor Center. Artists can apply on CaFÉ, listed under Visit Las Cruces Mural. Call closes at midnight on September 12. For more information, go to News Flash. This Call has closed. 

Visit Las Cruces exterior of building

Fire Station #3

The new fire station building will have a public art feature on one of its towers, the first public art piece in Las Cruces that is directly installed on a building. Artist Arturo Garcia's design celebrates the gift of rain, both its life-giving quality and its life-saving-ability to suppress fire. It utilizes shapes inspired by the Puebloan art patterns depicting rain and clouds, typically seen in weaving and pottery, giving nourishment to the Rio Grande lands. The art is influenced by the designs found on local tribal blankets and depict the water sprays used by firefighters. The art piece honors the firefighters who care for the collective good of their community and is an interpretation of a blanket used for warmth and protection.

Fire Station #3 rendering showing art on tower that changes with movement of viewer.

Artist Rendering of Fire Station #3 Art Work

Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley (ASCMV)

The new Animal Services Center will have a sculpture feature on the corner of Roadrunner Parkway and Bataan Memorial West that serves as a beacon and reflects the services of the center while engaging the community. Vito DiBari's design is inspired by the center's logo and services, highlighting a cat and dog, two of the primary animals cared for by the ASCMV.  Directly behind them is the silhouette of a sun, which is an emblem of protection that shines bright upon the animals. The symbolic elements that form the lattice embody values of humane animal care and promote responsible pet ownership. The sculpture measures 9ft tall with a 7ft base. 

ASCMV Art Design shows cat and dog facing each other with a lattice background of animal shapes

Artist Rendering of ASCMV Sculpture

Creative Economy Workshops

City Art Board presents SmART Workshop with Isadoraphoto of artist Isadora Stowe painting Stowe

SmART series of informational workshops for artists features "Creating and Building a Life in the Arts" with multi-media artist Isadora Stowe (pictured).  Art as the long game is the focus of her presentation. 

A recording of Isadora Stowe's SmART Workshop as well as previous presentations can be found on our Facebook page


The City of Las Cruces will post its public art opportunities on Call for Entry (CaFÉ ). Artists are encouraged to create a profile at Call for Entry (CaFÉ) to stay current on local and national art opportunities.

The following CaFÉ webinars offer insights and best practices from the artist viewpoint for managing your CaFÉ call for artists:

CaFÉ Webinar - Artist Registration | CaFÉ - Call For Entry

CaFÉ Webinar - Artist Application Management | CaFÉ - Call For Entry

Go to the CaFÉ website to access a wide selection of resources to assist artists with applying for art opportunities.