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CLC-TV programming is available on a continuous basis on Comcast Cable channel 20, and various social media outlets such as Facebook and YouTube. CLC-TV was created through a franchise agreement with Comcast in 1999. The channel became operational in February 2003 on a channel share basis with Comcast. At that time, only live city council meetings were televised on channel 5. In 2005, Comcast dedicated channel 20 as a full- time channel. Since then, CLC-TV expanded programming and operates on a full-time basis. In 2007, began operating, expanding the TV channel's capabilities to a much wider audience.

Public Meetings


Watch Council Meetings, Work Sessions, public forums and news conferences.

Ask The...

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One-on-one interview segments with City of Las Cruces staff, elected officials and people of the community.

CLC-TV Documentaries

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Watch all of the CLC-TV award winning documentaries. Compelling stories from within the community.

YouTube Channel


View and subscribe to all CLC-TV produced videos and live meetings.

Public Service Announcements

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Watch CLC-TV's public service announcements created for outreach on social media, theatres and cable television.

Award Winning Productions

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Take a look at the videos that have received regional and national awards. Including Goverment Programing Awards, Telly and Emmy's.

Know Your City

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Learn about the City Government and our community.