Municipal Court


To find the docket of scheduled hearings click here.  For the walk-in calendar please see the bottom of this page.  


Municipal Court handles all violations in the City of Las Cruces Municipal Code. Those violations are considered petty misdemeanor cases, including traffic citations, all of which can carry a fine of up to $500 and/or jail term up to 90 days. DWI cases carry a higher penalty.

Taking Action

Action needs to be taken on Traffic citations within 1 month from the date the citation was issued. Non-traffic and arrest-able offenses are given a specific appearance date upon issuance or release from jail. Arraignments and hearings can be scheduled according to the calendar. Check for available days and times.

Security Measures

Top security and thorough screening provide safe access to the judicial process and are important for meaningful participation for all patrons of Municipal Court. Certain items are not allowed in the courthouse and security guards will ask you to return to the courthouse without the items. Security guards will not keep or store any of these items for you while you conduct your business with the Court. Click here to learn more.

Pay Your Ticket

Anyone cited for a violation may pay their fines and/or tickets online if they meet eligibility. Your payment immediately updates the Court’s records and a convenience fee of $1.95 applies. The Municipal Court does not employ other agencies nor do we make automated or personal calls for the purposes of collecting fines and fees.