Nuisance Abatement Team


In the past, membership in this team included an Assistant City Attorney, a member of Codes Enforcement, an Assistant City Manager, the Fire Chief, a Police Department member, a Land Manager, a Sustainability Officer, a Facilities Administrator, the Community Development Director, the Community Engagement Manager, and the City Attorney.


The Nuisance Abatement Team (NAT) is a task force comprising representatives of several departments within the City government. The areas represented include: 

  • Chief Operations Office
  • Codes Enforcement
  • Community Development
  • Council and Constituent Services
  • Facilities
  • Fire Department
  • Land Management
  • Legal
  • Police Department
  • Public Information Office


The goals of the Nuisance Abatement Team are to:

  • Agree on an inter-departmental approach and standard practice for addressing vacant and abandoned nuisance structures and properties.
  • Clearly designate department responsibilities for addressing and mitigating vacant and nuisance structures and properties.
  • Identify city codes and regulations necessary to improve the City’s ability to mitigate vacant and nuisance structures and properties.
  • Coordinate to establish the City Comprehensive Plan as the policy direction for neighborhood stabilization and property maintenance with additional guidance from appropriate overlay zones.
  • Continue to improve communication and coordination among department personnel and the public.