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The Las Cruces Police Department just completed its latest hiring campaign. Please check back later for our next Academy. In the meantime, learn more about our Academy here.

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The Las Cruces Police Department is a team of dedicated individuals who work with the community to create and maintain a safe, secure environment for our residents. We are a diverse organization reflecting the various cultures which exist here and offering many different opportunities in which to promote the safety of the unique and growing community in which, we live.

If you are a dynamic, service-oriented individual with a desire to make a difference in our community, consider a career opportunity with the Las Cruces Police Department.

We are looking for men and women to serve as peace officers in our rapidly expanding law enforcement agency. We serve a diverse community of more than 90,000 residents with state-of-the-art equipment and policing program that enables us to make a difference in the quality of life of our residents.

Officer in full uniform

Cadet Hiring Incentive Levels

* With a three-year commitment.
Incentive Level Amount
Base Level $11,000
Associates Degree $15,000
Bachelor’s Degree/ 4 years Honorable Military Service/ Retirement from Military Service  $20,000
Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Psychology, Criminal Justice or Criminology. $25,000
Master’s Degree in Sociology, Psychology, Criminal Justice or Criminology $30,000
Relocation Assistance $5,000
Basic Officer Payout Schedule Percentage
Upon Completion of Week 12 of the Basic Academy 10%
Upon Graduation from the Basic Academy 20%
At the Completion of Field Training 30%
One Day Prior to the End of the Probationary Year 40%

Take the First Step

To begin your path to becoming a police officer, get in contact with our department’s recruiters by texting JoinLCPD to 575-376-6817. From there you will be assigned a recruiter who will be there to answer any questions you might have and mentor you throughout the entire hiring process. For additional questions pertaining to recruiting you can also contact Sgt. Antonio Lazarin at [email protected].

Women Officers

Hiring Process

All applicants interested in joining the Las Cruces Police Department must meet the following minimum qualifications: 

1. Age 21 by the completion date of the police academy (December 2023)
2. United States citizenship (born or naturalized)
3. Valid driver's license
4. Valid high school diploma or equivalent (GED)
5. No misdemeanor convictions within the last three (3) years
6. No convictions of domestic violence
7. No felony convictions
8. Any drug usage within the last three (3) years will disqualify
9. Must not have ever transported illegal drugs
10. Must not have a Dishonorable Discharge from the US Military

After contacting a recruiter and submitting your application, you will receive further instruction by email about scheduling your physical fitness exam. Entry-level physical fitness standards are as follows: 

Run 1.5 miles in under 15 minutes and 14 seconds. 

Sprint 300 meters in under 71 seconds. 

Complete 27 or more sit-ups in 60 seconds 

Complete 15 or more pushups in 60 seconds. 

After successful completion of your physical fitness exam, you will receive further instruction on the scheduling of your written exam.


Applicants who successfully pass the written exam will be required to submit a complete and detailed Personal History Statement immediately after passing the written exam. The Personal History Statement is used to complete a comprehensive background investigation. It is recommended that you begin completing the Personal History Statement immediately after submitting your application and before attending the physical fitness exam. 

After successfully completing the background investigation portion of the hiring process, the applicant will participate in the following testing: 

·       Oral Board Assessment

·       Polygraph Investigation 

·       Psychological Investigation

·       Medical Examination and Drug Screening

·       Chiefs Interview

After successfully completing all steps of the hiring process you will be accepted to attend the Las Cruces Police Department Training Academy.

Officer Story

Las Cruces Law Enforcement Training Academy

The Las Cruces Police Academy was established in 1966 as a certified regional satellite-training academy of the New Mexico Department of Public Safety Training & Recruiting Division.   Police Recruits of the LCPD Police Academy receive their commissions upon successful completion of the police academy and are then certified as peace officers by the State of New Mexico.

The Basic Law Enforcement Training Program of the Las Cruces Police Department is in two parts: A 22-week training academy in which the recruit receives over 1000 hours of instruction in academic and skills training by certified instructors and, after graduation from the academy, a 14-week Field Training and Evaluation Program that places the officer trainee with various Field Training Officers on all three patrol shifts for training and evaluation.

 The following are some topics in the LCPD Police Academy:

 -History of Law Enforcement                        - Search and Seizure

-Constitutional Law                                        - Organized Crime

-Probable Cause                                              - Accident Investigation

-Laws of Arrest                                               - Auto Theft

-Fingerprinting                                               - Traffic Control

-Ethics & Professionalism                              - Crowd Control

-Traffic Ordinances                                        - Patrol Tactics/High, Unknown Risk

-Vehicle Operations/Defensive Driving         - First Aid/CPR

-Radio Procedure                                            - Report Writing

-Crimes Against Persons                                - Larceny/Burglary

-Robbery                                                         - Firearms Training

-Criminal Law                                                 - Crime Scene Preservation

-Use of Force                                                  - Arrest Tactics/Procedures

-Rules of Evidence                                         - Courtroom Demeanor & Procedures

-Interviews & Interrogations                          - Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity

-Defensive Tactics                                          - Verbal Judo

-Stress Awareness                                           - Hazardous Material Awareness

-Critical Incident Management                      - Deaf Awareness Training

-Handling Individuals w/Special Needs         - Crime Prevention

-Introduction to Spanish                                 - Peace Officer Prosecutions

-Gangs & Gang Awareness                            - Police/Community Relations

-Community Policing                                     - Death Investigation

-Evidence Collection/Preservation                 - DWI Enforcement

-Sex Crimes & Sexual Trauma                      - Crime Lab Capabilities & Procedures

-Officer Safety/Survival                                 - Patrol Procedures

-Domestic Violence Procedures                     - Interpersonal Relationships-LE Families

Officer De La Garza

Career Opportunities

Once the recruit has successfully completed the comprehensive training in the Basic Law Enforcement Officer Training Program, the Field Training and Evaluation Program, and the probationary year, the officer may pursue a career opportunity in a specialized area such as:

  • School Resource Officer
  • Criminal Investigations
  • K-9 Handler
  • Traffic / DWI Enforcement
  • Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)
  • Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT) 
  • Metro Narcotics
  • Community Outreach Division
  • Crisis Intervention Officer
  • Drug Recognition Officer
  • Drone Operator
Officer in Camaro

Benefits and Incentives

$20.00 per hour during academy. 

$24.00 per hour upon graduation during first year probation. 

$26.15 per hour after completion of one year probation. 

·       All duty equipment and uniforms supplied to you by the department. 

·       Annual equipment and uniform allowance. 

·       Four 10 Hour work schedule with three consecutive days off. 

·       Overtime and secondary employment opportunities. 

·       Advanced training paid for by the department.

·       Specialty sections and promotional opportunities. 

·       Take Home Car Program 

·       Have your college paid for with Tuition Reimbursement Programs. 

·       13 Paid Holidays Per Year

·       25 Year Retirement (P.E.R.A.): 25 years at 70%

·       96 Sick Leave Hours Per Year

·       Bereavement Leave

·       Excellent health care plans

·       Personal Leave

·       Vacation Leave

·       Military Leave 

·       Worker's compensation

 Officers are represented by the Police Officers' Association and all benefits under the contract upon completion of probation.