Records Section

The Las Cruces Police Department’s (LCPD) Records Section maintains police reports and documents and provides many services that are utilized by residents every day such as:

Uniform Crime Reporting

LCPD’s Records Section classifies and processes reports utilizing Uniform Crime Reporting that is used for monthly and yearly crime stats and reports for the FBI, state departments, city personnel, and department staff. Most of the records also are available for the general public’s use, as well. For a nominal fee, public records can be requested from LCPD’s Records Section or by visiting the Records window at:
217 E Picacho Avenue
Las Cruces, NM 88001

For a nominal fee Records also provides Criminal Background Checks and bicycle licensing.


Melinda Gamboa is Support Services Administrator for the Las Cruces Police Department and oversees 36 civilian employees in six sections including Records, Transcription, Front Station, Victims Assistance, Records & Identification and Evidence.

Evidence & Stolen Property

Do you need to claim property from the Las Cruces Police Department Property and Evidence Section? In order to claim your property, you must bring a government-issued picture identification card. It is also helpful if you bring your case number, police report or notification letter to claim your property. LCPD can release property to the property owner only unless the owner has executed a Power of Attorney to allow someone else to retrieve their property. 

Property can be claimed Monday through Friday from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Evidence/Property room is located at LCPD headquarters at:
217 E Picacho Avenue
Las Cruces, NM 88001 

For more information call 575-528-4168.

Vehicle Release Forms

Vehicle release forms for vehicles that have been impounded (not seized) may be released to the registered owner or person to whom Power of Attorney has been granted by the registered owner. Persons who wish to receive a vehicle release form must present a government-issued picture identification card at the time of their request. Vehicle release forms can be requested from the Records window at the Las Cruces Police Department. 

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks that document an individual’s arrest history with the Las Cruces Police Department are available for a nominal fee of $3 each and can be requested from the Records window. Requests for this service must be made in person with picture ID, or by mail with the requester’s signature notarized. Name searches on private individuals are not conducted for citizens. Background checks are provided Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Background checks may take up to 72 hours to compile.

A government-issued picture ID must be presented at the time the criminal background check is requested. For more information on Records call 575-528-4137.

Annual Crime Statistics

The Records Section annually compiles the Las Cruces Police Department’s crime statistics into a report. The Annual Crime Statistics feature demographics of Las Cruces, crime stats, clearance rates, calls for service, and arrest and traffic totals amongst other information.

Front Station

The personnel who staff the front lobby at the Las Cruces Police Department assist citizens with filing police reports and can help answer most questions from the public. Front Station personnel can also summon an officer to the lobby in the event of an emergency. Front Station personnel can be reached 575-528-4128.