Graveyard Shift

Sleep well knowing that one lieutenant, four sergeants and more than 25 officers are assigned to the Graveyard Shift.

Swing Shift

Our Swing Shift includes one lieutenant, five sergeants and more than 25 commissioned officers. Swings patrol evenings into the early morning hours.

Day Shift

Day Shift is supervised by one lieutenant, five sergeants and roughly 30 officers. 

Patrol shift officers are likely the first officers you will see in your time of need. They respond to incidents in a timely matter, begin investigations and summon specialized units or experienced detectives when the need arises.

The experience our patrol officers have ranges from newly-commissioned officers to senior officers who have been with LCPD for more than 20 years. LCPD lieutenants, sergeants and commissioned officers are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in our community by working with you to reduce crime and help solve the problems we face.