Adopt a Spot

You are encouraged to take part in this exciting and innovative program by adopting a portion of your neighborhood. From business districts to your own block, beautification and maintenance of your own spot can only benefit your community. 

Adopting is Easy!

Who: Any individual, organized group, or business may participate in the Adopt-a-Spot Program.  

What: Adopt-a-Spot is a clean-up/beautification program that encourages residents to improve their neighborhoods by cleaning littered curbs, sidewalks, and vacant lots, cutting grass and high weeds, and planting trees and/or flowers. We also encourage “adopters” to remove signs from utility poles. Participants can also report graffiti and paint boarded up buildings. You are limited only by your imagination!  

Why: To encourage residents and businesses in our community to initiate beautification and litter prevention projects in neighborhoods to ensure a better quality of life.

 When: A minimum once a month cleanup of the entire adopted “spot” designated by the participating individual or organization. The individual or group is required to adopt for a one-year period. “Adopters” shall be required to pick-up litter if the appearance of the adopted section becomes objectionable. If Adopter desires to renew this agreement for the following year, written notification should be submitted to the KLCB Coordinator by the termination date of the current agreement year.  

Where: Adopt-a-Spot projects must be on public property or in the public right-of-way, including parks, trails, medians, city-owned vacant lots, or the right-of-way between the curb and the sidewalk. Find an available location on the Adopt-a-Spot locations map.

How: Complete and return the Adopt-a-Spot agreement to the KLCB coordinator. 

Keep Las Cruces Beautiful will: 

• Publicly recognize each Adopting individual or group by way of an attractive sign installed within your adoptive “spot.” 

• Place each individual or group on the KLCB Adopt-a-Spot website during their “spot” adoption term.  

 • Provide garbage bags and other available supplies, as needed.

Las Esparanzas stand next to their sign indicating their adopted spot