Backflow Prevention

Man working on backflow preventionStandards

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) holds local water suppliers responsible for maintaining safe and reliable drinking water systems. Hazards associated with backflow could include contamination of drinking water. Therefore, in order to protect the drinking water supply, approved backflow prevention assemblies are required by Las Cruces Utilities Backflow Ordinance 1694.


These assemblies must be installed in accordance with relevant IBC and UPC plumbing/building codes. Testable backflow assemblies have test cocks and shut-off valves and must be tested by a certified tester when being installed, relocated, or repaired.

Ordinance 1694

Ordinance 1694 requires annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies to ensure the protection of drinking water.

Additional Information

A list of approved backflow assemblies is available from the Pollution Prevention Program upon request. Please call 575-528-3551 for more information.