Regulatory Compliance

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Regulatory Compliance and Training line of business is to provide regulatory compliance, technical support, and training to Las Cruces Utilities programs, so they can operate within state and federal requirements and be technically proficient.

Utilities Regulatory Compliance

Provides professional and technical program support in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations by advising and assisting LCU Administrators in environmental management and regulatory compliance. This program also monitors the regulatory compliance of the remedial action of the Superfund Site located at Griggs and Walnut.

Water Quality Laboratory

Collects, monitors and tests City drinking water and wastewater to ensure compliance with the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water requirements.

Industrial Pollution Prevention

Works to protect the integrity of Utilities' wastewater collection system and treatment plants, and ensure the wastewater discharge permits meets all regulatory requirements.


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